Bereavement Fund

The sign-up for the fund will be active thru July 31. After the deadline, the link will not be available. After the sign-up period, invoices will be emailed to you. You may pay either by check or by the online invoice. For more information, contact Treasurer Robert Meadows at

Sign Up for the Bereavement Fund - Invoices will be sent soon after August 1.

Current List of Bereavement Participants

Bereavement Fund (Self Insured Death Policy)

passed at the 2018 TAAE Conference:

A. There will be a $50.00 buy in for TAAE members only.

B. Open Enrollment will be July 1-July 31 each year.

C. If a current TAAE member that has contributed to the bereavement fund passes away while they are employed, the designee of that contributing TAAE member would receive the balance of the fund. If multiple people pass away at the same time (same day-hopefully, statistically impossible), the balance would be split among those affected).

D. Upon the dispersal of funds, invoices will be sent to contributing members of the fund to replenish the fund. If the member does not re-up, then, they are out of the program until open enrollment.

E. This money would be invested in a money market account to grow with a small percentage rate earned. This would ensure the dollars are kept separate from the general account and ease of access.

F. Upon retirement, members are no longer eligible for the benefit.